Candidate Testimonials

Some of the testimonials we have received from happy candidates. These are verifiable via linkedin.

  • Adrian did a fantastic job of introducing me to a wonderful company and helping me understand what they were looking for. Adrian is both professional and personable while maintaining the highest level of integrity. I highly recommend him and his company.

    Grace Foot
  • Adrian did a fine job for me getting me in to a fantastic company. Very personal service, and even went to the trouble of sending a card saying congratulations when I got the job. Highly recommended.

    Adrian Brown
  • Adrian helped me secure a role at (Client) in Bristol in Feb/March 2010. I had signed up to a number of recruitment agencies in my search but received the most attentive, punctual and personal service from prosperIS. I was really impressed with how Adrian followed up with me following all interviews and my first day, was quick to respond with any information/advice and I especially liked the congratulations card! I wasn't expecting that. I would recommend Adrian and prosperIS as first point of call to anyone looking for new employment

    Laura Hargreaves
  • Job hunting is a stressful process by itself, but Adrian makes it easier for you with his professional, helpful and supportive approach. Regular phone calls before and after the interview, quick replies to your emails, useful tips and advices. I was lucky enough to work with him, probably one of the best recruiters in the market.

    Sedat Kaan Hendekli
  • Adrian is hugely professional, helpful and personable. Adrian is a very good communicated and always ensures that all parties are completely satisfied and happy with his results

    Rob Lowe
  • Adrian was extremely helpful and quick off the mark in locating the perfect role to match my skill-set and career aspirations right on my doorstep.

    Communication was prompt, professional and above and beyond the call of duty as he responded to emails outside of office hours. Regular phone calls to make sure I had all the information I required pre and post interview plus a" Good Luck in your New Job" card helped me to feel my need for a new role was being taken seriously and I wasnt just another number but a person.

    I would recommend Adrian and the team at Prosperis to anyone, and Adrian would definitely be one of the first recruitment specialist I would contact if I ever wanted a new challenge!

    Claire Marshall
  • Adrian placed me in my latest role and I can't compliment him enough. He was proactive, supportive and honest. Considering it's a tough market, consultants that go the extra mile are still surprisingly rare - and Adrian certainly did that. In particular, his no bullsh*t approach was both refreshing and appreciated. I would have no hesitation in recommending Adrian to friends/colleagues who were looking for work

    Rich Worrall
  • Adrian is a very determined and dedicated recruiter. On every occasion I have dealt with him, he has been very keen and helpful - and has constantly provided all of the information I have needed to ensure I knew what was going on with potential job roles.

    I would (and have) recommend Adrian to anybody who is seeking a new job placement.

    Dan Davies
  • I received quality service from Adrian, he spent time talking to me personally and made sure he only set me up for interviews for positions which suited me. As a result I was given a job on my second interview.

    Adrian is a nice bloke and looks after you through out the whole job seeking process with interview advice and follow up talks etc..


    Kyle Waters
  • Adrian is very professional and easy to talk to. He is an excellent communicator and demonstrated a high degree of expertise and his approach was clear, precise and honest in getting me my first job right after graduation.
    I could continue on with more glowing accounts of Adrian, but will instead simply say that I really do think the world of his services and I enthusiastically without any reservation recommend Adrian

    Pa Essa Jabang