Optimise your Onboarding Programme - Five Tips from prosperIS Recruitment

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 All employees experience some type of onboarding when they join a new company.

The formality and comprehensiveness of these onboarding programs will vary widely across organisations.

Research has supported the idea that effective onboarding process can have a dramatic effect on job performance and satisfaction, organisational commitment and retention of key staff. By formally defining your own onboarding processes, you will be better able to successfully integrate your new employees into your workforce.

Recent evidence also suggests that a poor organisational socialisation process can result in emotional exhaustion and job burnout.

All well and good but how can you make your new employee feel welcome?

Let’s look at the hiring process. To begin a hiring journey, the candidate must woo the potential future employer. For the candidate to stay on the journey, the employer must woo the new hire; this doesn’t stop as soon as the candidate has their ‘feet under the desk’.

Here’s how you can ensure that the new hire you spent so long searching for stays. Start with these onboarding tips:

One - A Welcoming Desk

The more unprepared you are for your new hire, the more they’ll feel you hired them on a whim. Having their desk prepared for them also allows them to start working faster, which saves you money. Here are some aspects to keep in mind when preparing your new hire's desk: 

  • Set up as much of their Digital connections as possible. They can change their information or log-ins at a later time but setting it up before will help them feel like they belong.
  • Have their Laptop ready to go with any Software programs they may need already installed and ready to go.
  • Have a starter kit ready to go full of branded company items, such as a notepad or pens.

Two - Less Paperwork

The last thing any new hire wants to do is a mountain of paperwork.

Maybe you should consider the following:

  • Complete and fill out as much of their new hire paperwork as you can before their first day.
  • Give your new employee an electronic copy of everything they may want to read over or refer back to for the future.
  • Utilise the ability of an electronic signature as much as your new hire feels comfortable with. It will save you money and help further streamline the process.

Three – Make sure everyone is Involved

Building a great team is everyone’s responsibility. Before your new hire starts, make sure everyone is aware of their name and background so they have the chance to make him or her welcome on day one. You might want to consider…

  • Taking your new hire and your team out for lunch or dinner after work.
  • Have a trivia game where your team gets to know your new hire.
  • Take a team walk to show your new hire around the area you work in.

Building work relationships as fast as possible will help build company culture and retain your new hire as well as your current employees.

Four - Reinforce Career and Personal Development Opportunities

One of the perks you may have mentioned during your hiring process is that your new hire would have opportunities to grow, develop or advance professionally. You may not be able to offer much in their first week but use this period to reinforce the new skills the candidate will learn and when.

Five – Provide Meaningful and Impactful work from Day One

One of the most difficult things for a new hire to understand is the impact of their daily work. They will most likely be excited about their new work environment, new co-workers and probably their new salary, but what about the actual job?

How can you make your new hire more excited about their job? Show them the big picture. What your company does is exciting, and they should know that. Your new hire may not understand how their specific work impacts your company's greater influence. They’re a part of your team, knowing how their work affects others on their team can change their entire perspective.

Show them what each one of their team members does and how their work will impact them. Then show them how their team works together with other teams to produce your final product or service.

Finally, I read recently that a third of new employees will know whether they would stay with their new company long-term after their first week. An effective onboarding programme will increase the likelihood of achieving your expected outcomes — namely, effective job performance, job satisfaction, and your new hire’s commitment to your organisation; thereby making sure they are with you for the long-term.


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