Seven Tips to Help You Prepare for your Next Video Interview

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In today’s recruitment world the chances of you being invited to undertake a Video Interview are on the rise. Obviously, a video interview will share a great deal of characteristics with a traditional face-to-face interview but I’ve put together seven specific tips to help you prepare for your next Video Interview.

Prepare your surroundings…

Ensure you choose a quiet space for the interview and make sure the area looks presentable. Place some notes next to your laptop and make sure you can refer to these with minimum disruption.

Remember this is a professional video call so make sure the area behind you looks tidy. The interviewer may be able to see more than you think.

Wear what you’d wear to the Interview…

I take the view that a video interview should adhere to the same rules and format as a face-to-face interview. I’d suggest you wear the same as you would wear to a ‘normal’ interview. Don’t be tempted to just wear interview appropriate clothes from the waist up – you might be asked to find something or have to stand up for one reason or another. As comfy as it sounds the interviewer probably wouldn’t want to see that you are in your Pyjamas!

I also think that dressing smartly can subtlety remind you that you are on a professional call.

Avoid any potential interruptions…

Turn your phone off. Close Outlook but keep a browser open as you might want to find something online during the call.

Make sure anybody you live with is aware that you are on a video call. You really don’t want to hear a loud TV or radio in the background, the Hoover starting up or your partner asking what you want for tea.

Look at the camera, not the screen…

Hard one this as you will tempted to look at the person on the screen and you might feel you are maintaining good eye contact (which can be important during an interview). However Video calls make it a lot harder as all the interviewer will see is the top of your head if you stare at the screen.

I would suggest you look directly at the camera for most of the interview.

Why not stick a post it note on top of your laptop to remind you?

Make use of notes…

Here’s some good news…it goes without saying that the interviewer will not be able to see what you can see behind your Laptop. Use this area to place notes or prompts to remind you of some of the things that you want to mention. It can help you answer difficult questions or prompt you to remember certain successes in your career that you want to bring up.

Don’t forget the importance of Body language…

Sit up straight, look attentive and be enthusiastic. These traits are still important and will come across in a video interview.

Don’t cover your mouth and be aware that sound quality might be limited so speak clearly so you can be heard clearly.

By all means, use hand movements to emphasise a point if you would do this normally but don’t overdo it.

I find that holding a pen or having a cup of coffee to hand helps me stand up straight and attentive when interviewing candidates.


We all know that the use of technology sometimes doesn’t always go to plan. Make sure you test your connection, software and anything else you might use.  

Check the best angle for your webcam and the positioning of your face on the screen. Use a friend or trusted recruitment consultant to practice and make sure you are used to seeing your own face on screen.

And finally – don’t forget to Smile! 

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