Why Writing a CV Addendum Really Does Work

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For most people, a resume is sufficient to summarise one’s work experience, education and interests. However, in a highly-competitive employment market, you may want to go the extra mile and create an addendum that will help differentiate you from other job seekers. An addendum is a single page or paragraph that accompanies your resume. It elaborates on a particular skill or past experience in more detail.

During a telephone interview a candidate will often give me lots of information about themselves that is not necessarily reflected in their CV – this is when I will sometimes ask candidates to work on a CV addendum to add to their CV but only if the relevant information is pertinent to the role we have been discussing and is difficult to find on their CV. After all, no matter how strong a candidate you may be you will never have a chance to impress if you can’t get that all important interview in the first place.

I am convinced that writing a CV addendum pertinent to the role for which you are applying will help you get that interview.

Here is why…

  • It will show to the reader that you are sufficiently interested in the role to have taken the time to write a CV addendum. You’ll be surprised how many candidates adopt the ‘one size fits all’ approach to their CV.  


  • It will save the reviewer time. A few years ago I wrote about a CV having 8.8 seconds to impress and if you can show in that time that the reader is not reviewing a standard CV that you have sent to every other company in their vicinity it will convince them to read on.


  • A CV works better if it is tailored to the type of role you will be performing and this is where a CV Addendum will help. If you are after a Sales role then this could be full of facts and figures about targets, revenues and sales success. If you are after a Creative role then your CV Addendum may look more like a promotional brochure with plenty of accompanying imagery.


  • It will demonstrate your skills a little more subtlety. Whilst you cannot change for whom you worked and for how long, you can edit your role and responsibilities within those companies without the need to fabricate. Think of what the job you are applying for entails and what the employer wants from the successful candidate. Then when your write your CV Addendum highlight areas or projects from your previous positions that required you to use those desired skills, emphasising how successful you were at achieving results.


  • Mirroring the Advert or Job Description will improve your chances. When writing your CV Addendum use adjectives similar to those used in the job advertisement. If they require someone with ‘effective leadership and administrative abilities that possesses excellent interpersonal skills’, you should state that you have these in roughly the same order – although not verbatim as this is too obvious.

Writing a CV Addendum really does work; you’ll be setting yourself apart from other applicants and helping convince the reader that you really want the role.  

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