Looking for a New Job? What Does Your Online Presence Project?

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Looking for a new Job? What does your online presence say about you?

We all live in the age of Social Media and it’s very likely that the majority of people looking for work have some form of online presence. After all, it’s a great way to stay in touch with friends and ex-colleagues as well as keeping us up to date with current affairs and even find new job opportunities.

However, whilst you can find about other people they can also find out about you; you’re not only visible to people in your network but also to other people including employers and other professionals. Here at prosperIS, I am finding more and more clients are checking candidates’ Linkedin profiles and twitter feeds to learn more about the person behind the CV.

Therefore, when job searching it is very important candidates realise the impact of their thoughts, photos and Social Media activity can have on their reputation and image. Your online presence needs to be managed carefully to make sure you are projecting the right image and this includes sites such as Facebook and Instagram which might be thought of as more personal or social networking sites.

Here are my five top tips to make sure you can stay on top of your online presence.

Use the privacy settings correctly

All Social Networking sites will have privacy settings that will give you control over who can view your profile. If you are still worried about what people can see about you there is a way to check: try logging out of your account, ‘google’ your name and social platform.

Think before you write

Judgement is subjective – when it comes to expressing your views online please exercise caution. Don’t criticise former clients, employers or colleagues even if it is justified – you’ll come across as a trouble maker and not a good ‘team-player’.

Sell yourself – make social media work for you.

Candidates with a professional online presence are going to stand out. Use Social Media to your advantage; follow industry influencers, make sensible online comments, write a blog and connect with potential employers and recruiters. Make sure you get employers, friends or colleagues to recommend you if you think they are happy with your services. Post a link to these from your CV (online referrals, such as those on Linkedin are trusted a lot more by employers and recruiters as they’re difficult to make-up fraudulently).

Don’t mix business and pleasure

Why not set up separate accounts with different passwords if you want to have a personal and a professional presence? Make sure you don’t post from the wrong account though. Your professional followers may not want to see a picture of you holding two bottles of Prosecco on a Saturday night!

Consider your usage and, importantly, when you post messages

Employers will be looking at when you post just as much as what you post. If you’re in employment and yet you are posting pictures on Facebook or commenting on Youtube videos at regular intervals during working hours it may give a potential employers a slight cause for concern.

To summarise, when used correctly Social Media is a great tool to supplement your job search. Just make sure that everything you post, comment on or show will always be in the public domain.


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