8.8 Seconds is all you've got to impress!

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8.8 seconds is all you've got! 

An article in The Independent caught my eye the other day - it stated that employers are taking just 8.8 seconds to review CVs when they are hiring for vacant roles. 

I concede that the research underpinning the article referred to comparatively junior or 'entry level' roles; I think more time will be taken for senior roles when appropriate candidates will be scarcer and I'd certainly like to think I take a little more time when judging candidates' CVs but it was an interesting read nevertheless.

The article also listed what they thought were the top 10 CV faux pas; they were bad grammar, spelling mistakes, poor formatting, CV too lengthy, casual tone, use of jargon, unusual font, exam grades listed in full, generic interests (on a personal level I am very surprised there is an obesity crisis in this country as everyone seems to enjoy going to the gym) and lack of personal development in candidates' free time. 

With this in mind, I thought I would point you in the direction of a few lines we have produced on how to write that interview winning CV. I'd welcome your thoughts and I am happy to offer a free CV 'MOT' if you are looking for new opportunities at the moment.  Send it to me now and I'll take a look through and see if there is anything that could be tweaked to make it stand out from the crowd. 

Read our thoughts on what makes a great CV here.

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